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Compression Baler

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Compression Baler

Compression Packaging facility Compression Baler


  • All-in-one machine that can be compressed and packaged simultaneously with a hexagonal veil. With the fully automatic control system, the packaging can be discharged in the desired direction.
  • The biggest advantages are maximizing work efficiency, reducing transportation costs, and maximizing site utilization because it is carried out in one process from compression to baling.
PatentNo. 10-2315852
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Detailed information

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| Features and Benefits |

One process compression packaging for various wastes

Concurrent rear and side compression

Speed control for compressed packaging

- Can use various type of tied materials

- Number of bailing adjustavle



Applicated Field |

- Household Waste

- MSW, Plastics

- Fabric, Paper, Wood

- C&I etc.


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