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Introduce HNC's recycling system and waste disposal system.

M&J Regular maintenance

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M&J Regular maintenance

M&J Service M&J Regular maintenance


We provide accurate and easy-to-use information and documentation for commissioning, service visits and customer inquiries. Our goal is to make it easier and more efficient for our customers to operate shredders and shredders. The shredder is usually used in the first step of disposing of a demanding mixed waste. There are often impurities in the wastes that are injected at this time. No matter how robust the machine is, regular inspections and maintenance are always required to minimize downtime and operate at the highest efficiency.


M&J with HNC

Detailed information


 M&J Service Partnership


HNC has extensive experience and expertise in facility manufacturing 

  and process design for various types of waste disposal facilities.


- HNC operates experienced engineering workshops with expertise and skills. 

  (Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical Appliances)


- With a customer-centered motto, HNC is committed to regular inspection (maintenance inspection),

  facility A/S, and parts supply to provide the best operating facility performance.


- Our goal is to make it easier and more efficient for our customers to operate the shredder.

  We strive to provide parts supply and service at a faster and more reasonable price by directly storing 

  and managing existing and new facilities, spares, and consumables. 



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