Introduce environmental machinery products related to HNC's recycling system and waste disposal.

Shredding Facility

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M&J Pre-Shredder

Shredding Facility M&J Pre-Shredder


  • Bidirectional Shreding with minimal wear and improved Shreding performance and capacity.
  • The two shafts can be Shredded in any direction, such as forward and reverse rotation and rotation in the same direction with a two-axis shaft drive.
  • Driving at different speeds, maintaining the same speed and torque.


Detailed information


| Features and Benefits |

Maintenance costs are reduced by hard-pacing the wear parts directly without replacing the shaft and knives

Two shafts rotate independently to automatically remove wounded wastes around the shaft

Shaft is made of a solid-shaft, so it isn’t bent or cut

Fixed knives are installed in a total of three places on both sides and center of cutting table



| Applicated Field |

Household Waste

C & I

- Waste Wood

- Bulk




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| Type of knives |

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| Model & Standard |

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