About us

A company specializing in environmental engineering that strives for the coexistence of humans and nature

CEO’s Greeting

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This is HNC, Inc.

Industries have developed, and our lives have been enriched, and in the process, we've polluted nature with production, by-products, or surplus products.

HNC Co., Ltd. has come to build an environmental plant industry with a sense of mission that it can no longer leave various pollutants unattended or leave a greater disaster for future generations.

Currently, we strive to satisfy and impress customers with NON-STOP from industrial, living, construction waste SRF, biomass SRF, food waste drying and resourceization, sludge drying and resourceization, and livestock manure energyization projects.

HNC executives and employees are also doing their best today to protect the Earth's environment and replace depleted fossil fuels by transforming various pollutants into renewable energy rather than disposal through endless research and development.

CEO Jaesung Ha