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Drying & Reduction Facility

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Sludge Drying Reduction Facility

Drying & Reduction Facility Sludge Drying Reduction Facility


A drying facility that dries sludge according to the treatment of sludge such as sewage and wastewater to make it usable as fuel.


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| Features and Benefits |

Improve drying performance by maximizing the heat transfer area

Easy to stir, transfer and discharge by attaching patches to the disc

Possible to adjust the drying time and water content, and can respond flexibly depending on the situation

Use A516-70 steel material to prevent disc and internal wear

Removal apparatus installed inside devices easily separates adhesive material



| Applicated Field |

Drying & Reduction for sewage, waste water sludge

Composting & fueling for food waste 

Drying & fueling for paper sludge

Composting & fueling for livestock manure